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Our Story

Hello, I’m Matthew, I come from the fast-paced world of startups where schedule is everything. But when I became involved with radiation testing and analysis for space applications, I was taken aback by how rigid and slow the industry was. I saw that many businesses struggled with the same issues, so I decided it was time for a change. That's how I founded Space Radiation Services—to offer flexible solutions that balances cost, schedule, and risk, tailored to each customer's unique requirements.


Space Radiation Services has tackled a wide range of projects, from heritage programs that strictly follow MIL and ECSS standards to innovative new space endeavors where we've had to chart an entirely new course. Regardless of the obstacle, the commitment remains—delivering the radiation testing and analysis that fit our customers needs and help them succeed.

Matthew Gill, PhD 


  • Founder of Space Radiation Services

  • Former consultant for San Francisco Bay Area space startups on radiation topics - Over 100 systems working on-orbit

  • Former Director at Apollo Fusion, electric propulsion start-up (acquired by Astra)

    • Led radiation testing and analysis for over 200 systems sold to companies including Maxar, Airbus Oneweb Satellites, York Space Systems, Astroscale, Leostella, Spaceflight, Air Force Research Lab 

    • Led Apollo's first flight program from clean sheet design to on-orbit demonstration in 6 months

  • Experience in nuclear facilities and at the UK's nuclear regulator

  • PhD in Nuclear Engineering

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Matthew Gill
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